After a decade of dreaming... it's go time!

The air is chilled, so that means: It's go time!

Photo taken 1 year ago when we were just beginning our rehabilitation of Seas Life.

Photo taken 1 year ago when we were just beginning our rehabilitation of Seas Life.

For almost a decade, Ryan has been planning this dream. I only came into the story 1.5 years ago. And for 1.5 years, we have been preparing the boat (fixing what's broken, updating what's old, cleaning what was dirty). And now, it's November and we both know what that means: It's not time to be afraid. It's time to make this dream happen!

Preparing to leave everything we've known has hit both us in different ways. We have each had our own emotional overloads of stress, anxiety, sadness, excitement, joy, anticipation and fear. We have both had our fair amount of frustrations, misunderstandings and miscommunications over this trip, our feelings and fears about it. There are many decisions to make, and these decisions aren't all as lighthearted as "Do we want the blue comforter or the navy comforter?" Some of these decisions have been expensive and life determining. Most of these decisions have been outside of one of our comfort zones. But day by day, decision by decision, we are getting closer. 

Our general approach and process: 

JOBS- Are all of our jobs prepared for this trip? Have we closed out any accounts or matters that were pending? Have we had the meetings to prepare our teams for our departure? Do they feel empowered and informed and ready? 

MONEY- Have we paid all of our pending parking tickets? Did we create a feasible budget? Did we put enough aside for savings? 

PROPERTY- Have we sold or planned where our cars will remain during the trip? Have we secured someone to care for our beach condominium? 

DOCTORS- Have we completed all of our annual appointments? Have we secured all annual and necessary prescriptions that we may need? 

INSURANCES- Have we secured and paid for all insurance necessary to travel? Have we turned off any insurances we won't need because they're no longer applicable while traveling?

FAMILY- Have we made all efforts to keep our families updated? Have we shown them how they can track our progress and educate them on how to contact us? Are they aware of their role?

MAIL- Have we designated an address and person to receive and open our mail to forward to us? 

SUPPLIES- Have we purchased backup parts for the boat? Have we purchased and properly stored medicines, Band-Aids, creams, toothpastes, cleaning products?

PROVISIONING- Have we purchased enough dry foods to last long periods offshore? 

Through all of the preparation, we have stayed true to our goals and missions: To explore unknown places in the safest most efficient and affordable way possible. 

If you want to hear more about our preparations, check out our podcast episode! 

P.S. We will keep everyone updated as our plans & ways to contact us shift and change in the next few weeks!