Gratitude & 5AM Wakeup Calls

/ˈɡrætɪˌtjuːd/ meaning good will, thankfulness, appreciation. 

This Thanksgiving - our second owning Seas Life - we are in an entirely different place in life. Our first Thanksgiving, we had only been dating for 6 months and we were in DEEP on boat projects. We were also at the very beginning of our individual processes on what Seas Life (the boat and the life meaning within the boat's name) would mean to each of us. Our second Thanksgiving, we've now been dating for 1 year and 6 months, and we now live full time on the boat and we're planning to venture out of sea in less than 10 days. 

Whoa. What one year can do and be! 

As we indulged on sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, pies and sweet tea, we thought about what we're thankful for: 

  • For each other and our love that has kept us together during trying times. Being in love is a gift that we treasure every day. As they say, our cup truly runneth over. 
  • For our parents who raised us to be who we are today. All of the lessons we learned along the way that taught us to live out loud, understand finances, and how to make our dreams come true.
  • For our families who love and support us. Without their endless love and support, we wouldn't be where we are today. 
  • For Seas Life: our home, our shelter, our traveling wonder. You have come so far and you will go so far! For that, we are thankful. 
  • For our educations at colleges that helped develop our skills and thinking. From our years at ECU, VCU and ODU, we are thankful for the professors and friends we met along the way. 
  • For the sailing community for their openheartedness and willingness to help us learn this world. From old salts to new friends (some of whom are old salts), we love your wisdom, your stories and your inspiration. 
  • For our friends for traveling along on this journey with us either digitally or by actually coming aboard Seas Life for an evening of fun! 
Thanksgiving 2017 in Richmond, VA

Thanksgiving 2017 in Richmond, VA

But we didn't stay in our turkey comas long. As soon as the hugs were all distributed, it was back to work on plans for traveling since we're 6 days away from "take off!" 

For the last two weeks, Ryan has been waking up at 5AM, ready to go! The last time I saw him wake up with such energy was back during his 14-hour days of working on the boat when he first bought it. His focus and determination have returned in full force as we approach our date for cruising. 

I switched my car insurance from day-to-day driver to "storage," removed my plates and returned them to the DMV since I won't be driving. 

I had book exchanges with my girlfriends to switch up our book library. 

Ryan has stocked up on backup parts, tools, and lines. 

We will soon be provisioning. 

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Sending you love and good vibes from Seas Life!