How to Contact Seas Life

We want to stay in touch with you all as we venture out into this beautiful world! 


Here's how you can stay close: 

1. Make sure we have your contact e-mail here! This way, we can send you our updates. 

2. Visit our blog often for plans, images and videos of our travels. 

3. Follow our Instagram @seaslifeforgood for InstaStories and photos. 

4. Follow our MapShare! Here is the link:! From this MapShare you can see where we are based on our GPS coordinates and you can send us a message! Note: Sending us an e-mail to would be better, but if it's really important, you can send us a message through our MapShare! Simply click "Send Message." 

5. E-mail  

6. Listen to our Seas Life Podcast of stories, interviews, laughs and lessons learned. 

7. Follow our Seas Life YouTube channel of day-to-day happenings aboard Seas Life! 

8. OR, if none of the above work, you can always send us messages in bottles. Simply place your letter in a bottle and "deposit in any ocean." 

Bottle created by Bill Layne, Sheena's step-father. 

Bottle created by Bill Layne, Sheena's step-father.