Overnight Journeys

As a sailing couple, we learn more about patience and communication each and every day! Photo by: Stellar Exposures

As a sailing couple, we learn more about patience and communication each and every day! Photo by: Stellar Exposures

Traveling From: Norfolk, VA

Bound for: Cape Charles, VA

Nautical Miles:

Work can get frustrating, life can get hard. And we had fallen into a bit of a routine rut. So, we wanted to venture out: have some talks, meet some people, drink some fancy mixed drinks! 

Saturday morning, we poured our coffee and prepared the boat for an overnight stay in Cape Charles, Virginia. We knew they were having the Experimental Film Festival and this was a great opportunity to sail to a great party! 

We left the dock around 9:30 AM, set the sails and experienced a beautiful sail across the Chesapeake Bay to the Eastern Shore: we saw dolphins, and fish jump clear out of the water. I found a shaded nook and dove into my book, while Ryan steered singing to Jimmy Buffett. 

We arrived in Cape Charles around 2:30 PM. After securing the boat and taking some refreshing boat showers, we slipped on our evening clothes, poured ourselves a few drinks and sat outside on the trampoline talking with guests walking down the pier. 

The evening was full of friendship (new and old), laughter, fun, adventure, lobster rolls and oysters, and dancing to a live band by the edge of the water. 

Overnight journeys bring you these 5 very special things: 

  • Time away. Re-charging our batteries is underrated in this world. A quick getaway can reboot a tired spirit in no time. You don't have to travel far to capture the feeling of relaxation and rest. Sometimes, a simple journey across the bay is all you need to shed the irritations and responsibilities and feel free! 
  • Connection. When you have a collection of untouched, unspoken-for hours with your friends or family, your ability to be present for them and for yourself expands and increases. You'll notice yourself listening better, understanding more, and stressing less. You feel yourself lean into and relax into your friendships and family relationships in a supported, cocooned way: there is no one yanking at your time and energy. 
  • Revitalization. The definition of revitalization is "to give new life to." A short adventure away refills what your job, or your schedule, or your responsibilities have started to drain. Every now and then, we need a new life and we need someone or something to "give it." Investing in a short getaway will give you just that: a new energy, a new focus, a new drive, a new approach. 
  • Quiet. In a noisy world - when our phones ding constantly and notifications pile up - it's nice to feel quiet. It's nice to have a moment to lie down on the trampoline over the water and see the stars, hear the water running beneath you, and feel quiet
  • Newness. A short adventure can open your world up in many different ways, even if you're traveling to a familiar city or town. But there are always unexpected, pleasant surprises along a sail! A dolphin pod swimming along, a fish jumping, a live musician playing, a refreshing jump into the Chesapeake Bay for a swim in 30+ feet deep of water! 

In life, we need time away, connection, revitalization, quiet and newness. But we forget to make time for these precious commodities. Seas Life reminds us to remember these things. It reminds us to invest in these things so that we may be better human beings, and the best versions of ourselves. 

Journey onward!