Seas Life was purchased in 2016 after a long search for the perfect sailing vessel!

Seas Life was purchased in 2016 after a long search for the perfect sailing vessel!

We design and provide lifelong, keepsake memories for families, friends and guests. 


Our Mission

To design customizable, lifelong and keepsake memories for families, friends and guests through adventure, education and personal growth on the water. 

Meet the Crew of Seas Life


Captain Ryan

Captain Ryan Carroll loves being on the water, he is a tenacious dude who works really hard to manifest the dreams he envisions. In 2006, he purchased his first sailboat to live on without a clue of how to sail. Living at a marina in Norfolk, he befriended Captains who brought him offshore for a taste of the sailing world: Guadeloupe to the Bahamas, Florida to North Carolina, traveling with the winds, and experiencing new cultures.

Captain Ryan spent two years living aboard his Bristol 40’ in the Virgin Islands, where he went from snorkel tour guide, to Captain for Caribbean Sea Adventures, to private yacht Captain for a 50’ Cranchi Mediterranee. In 2012, he Captained Bagheera from the Virgin Islands to Virginia. The skills acquired during this chapter of life fueled his return to the mainland to make and save enough money to find a vessel worthy of safely taking him and his whole family around the world.

As a leading real estate agent in Hampton Roads, Ryan found homes for families throughout the region. He also served as General Manager of a 35-year-old catering business to help modernize with software.

A graduate of East Carolina University, Captain Ryan desires to help others create a life that feels good for them.

“We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds.”
— Aristotle Onassis, Shipping Magnate

What We've Achieved

  • 50-ton Captain License

  • Traveled 6,000+ nautical miles of open ocean

  • Visited 11 countries, and counting

  • Built an international following on YouTube and Instagram

  • Re-fit a 43-foot Catamaran.

  • Start businesses committed to our life's work.

  • Offering overnight and day trips.

  • Grew tomatoes, but they were all stolen by a hungry squirrel.